OneClipContest Results generator

Visit YouTube Channel OneClipContest is a video editing contest channel. Each week, a new contest is uploaded, along with a results video from the previous week. The judging process is pretty tedious. with around 50 to 100 entries each week it can take up a full day to get the final results and the final video done. I created a script that downloads the entries directly off YouTube, writes a drawtext function to the countdown intros and renders the final video. Videos can be downloaded in up to 4k. You can download the tool here View the script (batch): The process, with timestamp: The config (which is essentially a batch file that gets renamed and executed):
  :: week number
set week=120

  :: placement urls
set url_1=
set url_2=
set url_3=
set url_4=
set url_5=

  :: general placements
set place_1=I
set place_2=II
set place_3=III
set place_4=IV
set place_5=V

  :: font settings
set font=fonts/arialbd.ttf
set fontcolor=white
set fontsize_1=120
set fontsize_2=120
set fontsize_3=120
set fontsize_4=120
set fontsize_5=120

  :: if available, download videos with this resolution
  ::		1280, 1920, 2560 or 3840 (4k)
set maxwidth=1280

  :: final results video output settings (1440 or 1080 recommended)
set outputw=1280
set outputh=720

  :: b-frames (set to 0 if you only wish to render the separate videos, to later use in ae/sv). Default = 16
set bf=16
Jim Thomas 3/8/2018