MW3 Christmas mod

MW3 Christmas mod Share this tutorial

.zip file (9283kb)
92 Images edited used before batch replacing
File size: 25264kb
414 images replaced after batch replacing
Total file size: 270255kb
worktime: 2 days
Author: Gmzorz
Current version: v1.2
Date created: 12/10/2016


Navigate to the mw3 main folder and backup the following files:


Why do i need to backup these?
The christmas mod is only compatible with replays/demos.
It won't work for public games, it will simply give you the error message "files different from server".
And no, you cannot get banned for using this mod

Installing the mod
extract all the files in a new folder (on your desktop or something)
run the install.bat file and follow the instructions displayed on the command prompt.

When finished, navigate to the mw3 main folder and open iw_00.iwd using winrar.
Inside, you're gonna open the images folder.
Next, navigate to the iw_00_ folder (that was created after you ran the install batch).
Drag/drop all the .iwi files into the images folder (in winrar).

Do the same with iw_01, iw_2, and all the others.
After that, the mod is technically installed, have fun!
Also, the christmas cfg works best with the mod, just execute it after you executed your own config.

Reminder: this mod is still in its WIP stage (work in progress), we are adding things every now and then, so keep an eye on the site (
If you have experience with modding and wish to add textures, please add me on discord or skype so i can add them (you will ofcourse be credited, if the mod is good enough).

skype: gijs.oosterling
Discord: Gmzorz #1650


fixed config, added christmas feed colors
added textures

added wall textures and simple decals

the new iw5mvm update will allow you to go into private match with modified game files, however this does not go for steam version, so i still suggest you backup your game files