BO2 Weapon Animation replacement tutorial

Download and install Cheat Engine

once downloaded, open up bo2, load any clip in your theater
once your clip has loaded, open cheat engine.
NOTE:make sure you have cheat engine open only in theater!
do not go in a public/private match while having cheat engine running

Click the red/green glowing button in cheat engine:

Select the bo2 process (t6mp.exe) and click on open:

next up you're gonna look at what weapon is used, and what weapon you want to turn it into
in this case, i'm using the DSR, and i wish to change the animation into the AN94.

get back to cheat engine, set value type to string and write viewmodel_dsr
if you are using another weapon, use that id instead of dsr
press First Scan


This may take a while. whenever you see this you know it is done loading and you can continue:

Select all of these Addresses/Values by clicking on one of them and pressing CTRL+A
Click on the red arrow in the corner (as shown in the image above)

all the addresses should have been added to the list below.
Select all of the new addresses in the list below by clicking one and pressing CTRL+A

Right click on one of one of the words 'string[13]' (13 may be a different number).
Click Change record, Type, or press ALT+ENTER.

Next, Change the number in the 'Length' textfield to 50 and press Ok.

The values now have changed into the weapon animation names
such as viewmodel_dsr_reload, viewmodel_dsr_pullout, etc etc

All you have to do is change the names.
Click on one of the addresses in the list and press ENTER to change its value
now simply replace 'dsr50' with 'an94' and press ENTER to save the new value

a list of weapon animation values can be found here

you can replace just the reload animation (may look sloppy),
but you can also replace all of them (which takes alot of time)

as you might have seen in the screenshot above, there are TWO values called 'viewmodel_dsr50_idle'
There are THREE addresses for each seperate reload animation
you have to replace all of those in order to get it working

ingame, press esc, and hit 'jump to start', the new animations will now load.

Have fun!

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