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Models spawning script Models spawning script
First (Private) Release: 7/29/2016
Open Release: 12/09/2016
this mod was based on my previous models spawning script/plugin, which was made around 2014 using the mw3 server addon, Which has been discontinued for a while.

Azsry (corrections)

You can only use one spawn function per game, either SpawnModel or PlayFx, as they are both using the same controls.

Watch this video (sorry for the bad audio)

If you are using redacted, simply put the .gsc files in the data/scripts folder.

Adding models
Firstly, we need to know our limitations.
Bo2 does not allow users to modify their fastfiles. The tools to modify them are currently private so as of right now we will have to work with the existing fastfiles.
If one wishes to spawn a model, it has to be a model of the fastfile that is currently loaded (e.g. if you are on the map nuketown, the nuketown .ff is loaded)
Spawning a model from the map aftermath onto the map nuketown will most likely give you a black box.
Now that we know what our limitations are, we can add the models into the .gsc code.
Open the .gsc file and scroll down to the SpawnModel function, where you will see lists (arrays) of strings of the maps.
We can add a model to a map cycle by creating a new string

case "mp_drone":
level.models[0] = ("t5_foliage_tree_aquilaria01v2_no_vines");
//First model on the list
level.models[1] = ("t5_foliage_plants_tropic09"); //Second model on the list...
maxNum = level.models.size; //Tells the game how big the current list is (this can be put under for(;;) if preferred)
break; //indicates the end of the map list

if your favorite map is not in the list, you can add it as shown above, add another case for your map and add the models.

Models for each map fastfile can be found here
Fx for each map fastfile can be found here
NOTE: Some maps have different 'mp_' names. make sure to check the mapname here

Simply put the model you wish to add inbetween the brackets and Quotation marks

Spawning models
ADS: cycle through map models (from the string arrays in SpawnModel)
USE button: Spawn model
in most cases, the ADS button = Right mouse and USE = F button (USE is used for picking up weapons ingame)

Saving maps/models
go ingame and place your models. Once you're done, navigate to the redacted game files and open the data folder
open up games_mp.log with your default text editor and scroll all the way down
you should see something like this:

setCustomModel((100, 200, 300), (0, 120, 0), 0, "model_name");

navigate to redacted\data\scripts, open playFx.gsc and find the map function you were working on.
simply paste the lines from games_mp.log into the map function and save the file, do not put the timestamps in there! watch my tutorial video on how to remove those easily
make sure you save the file.

Spawning effects (FX)
method works the same as spawning models

skype: gijs.oosterling
Discord: Gmzorz #1650
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