Redacted/Bo2 Editing Community Page

What is redacted?
Redacted is a LAN client made for Bo2. Redacted supports Scripting and Modding (Custom models, textures, etc)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not the original redacted download page. I did not create the client. I started this page when the original site was taken down.
I made this page mostly to provide resources for editors
You can download Redacted on the official site below:



DLC 1: Revolution
DLC 2: Uprising
DLC 3: Vengeance
DLC 4: Apocalypse
DLC 5: Nuketown
Redacted installation tutorial by Koriqzia
Redacted Workflow/Tutorial by moe
External console (by Azsry)
External console (by Luckyy)
External console (by Amyst)
External console (
Bot mod (By Azsry)
Bot mod (By Shutter)
Extra guns
Extra guns v2
Fog/Depthbuffer mod
GrowFX (models placing script)
Custom skies
Custom bot names. No clantag, mostly editor names. Full name list
Bo2 (in)complete Dvar/Config guide


I dont know how to install redacted.
Make a new directory called redacted, copy all Bo2 files from steam into that folder along with the Redacted_LAN files
Then, simply start t6mpv43.exe and you're done

I'm getting the unhandled exception caught error, what do i do?
Watch this video

Minidump error on startup! (or other errors)
For any error at all, try deleting your hardware_mp.chp file from the players folder. this error may appear when you use certain dvars in the game, which one? we don't know yet..
Once your bo2 is running again, you can use this batch file to backup the hardware_mp.chp file and put it back without having to copy and rename (Simply put it in the players folder and run it when you need to backup).
Alternatively, you could be setting all your graphics to your liking, and then putting hardware_mp.chp to read only (in the file properties)

I'm getting an error in theater?
You can only have 2 or less theater recordings, you can remove/backup your recordings in the
redacted/Plugins/OpenNetStorage/Cloud/FILM_MP folder. If you have less than 2 recordings in your theater but you're still getting the error, you might have closed the game the wrong way after recording the demo (forcing the process to shut down or using the /disconnect command)

Redacted keeps trying to connect when i try to go online, but leaves me with an error message after a long time waiting
Restart Steam.
The endless loading also seems to happen after a minidump error, you can either restart your computer or restart the explorer.exe process (use this handy batch file to reboot explorer.exe in a second)

Server Disconnected- 57475
Apparently this error occurs when you change your prestige. Reset it and you should be good