My work/resources
libft 42/Codam Project, reproducing behavior of common stdlib.h (standard library) functions. done in C Bo2 Fog/Depthbuffer mod A cheat engine table that allows you to modify the ingame FOG effects. This can also be used to create a fake 'z.Depth' effect, by lowering the ingame exposure and adding white fog. COD SFX Rip Containing ripped weapon sounds from: Modern Warfare Modern Warfare 2 Modern Warfare 3 Black ops Black ops 2 Black ops 3 Ghosts Advanced Warfare Rendering videos for media While I'm not an expert in the field of encoding, I did do my fair share of research on the subject On this page I will be comparing rendering methods that people in the community have been using over the years. At the end of the page, my preferred method is described OneClipContest results generator A video editing contest channel i have been working on for at least 2+ years This page contains a little project i came up with and finished within 3 days. A batch script that uses ffmpeg and youtube-dl and a simple config file to generate a results video for the channel Bo2 Dvar/Config Guide After having experimented with dvars for years, I wanted to make a page containing information about these dvars. A default config for video editing can be found here, with an additional list of helpful and visual commands. Redacted/Bo2 Community Page Right when the original redacted page got taken down, I decided to make a page with extra information regarding Black Ops 2 and Redacted. In here, you can find information, tools and other guides for both BO2 and it's cracked client GrowFX Download + Tutorial (BO2 Redacted models placing script/mod A mod i originally created when i started programming. I got introduced to the Mw3 server modding community and a friendly fellow named Casper helped me learn alot about cod and it's scripting ways. This mod has since been ported to Bo2, and can be used to place ingame objects and effects anywhere in the map, and save these for later usage. MW3 Christmas mod An early modification, a Mw3 retexture. Replacing weapon animations in any cod game